Summer Foods That You Should Never Share with Your Dog

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Summer Foods That You Should Never Share with Your Dog

Nadine Gourkow shows you an image of a dog giving you the eyes to feed them

Now that the warmer weather is upon us, many people are taking their pets and venturing outdoors. The most common thing they are doing is starting up the grill. However, this is not the only place that you will find delicious treats. There is one thing to keep in mind this summer and that is the health of your dog. In addition to things that you should do for your furry friend, there are a number of things that you need to avoid. One of those things is succumbing to the desire to give them a portion of what is on your plate. While some of the things on that plate can be okay to give to Rex, some of them will adversely affect his health. That is the point of this blog. I am going to share with you some of the things that you are going to want to make sure you don’t share with your dog. While this article has dogs in mind, the majority of them will apply to your cats as well. The reason that I am focusing on dogs is that most of the time people take their dogs outside and not their cats. In any case, make sure you are not feeding any of the following things to any of your pets.


This is the time of year for those sweet balls of fruit. However, they can do a real number to your dog. By extension, raisins are just as bad for them. Veterinarians like myself are not sure what it is about this fruit that does not agree with the dogs’ body, but it doesn’t. When you are feeding them other things, make sure that it does not contain any grapes or raisins. This could be in the form of liquid as well. The result could be bad. Some of the warning signs to look out for if you think your pet may have eaten grapes are vomiting and later kidney failure. Obviously, you will not be able to tell if they are having kidney failure. However, you will notice the vomiting. If they are vomiting a lot, then you should contact your vet and find out why. Keep in mind, other things can make a dog vomit. Don’t be overly cautious, but don’t let it slide if they are vomiting more than they usually do.


While you can get these year-round, they are very popular in the summer. They go with many of the foods that we cook during this time. One of which is tacos. It is not uncommon for me and my friends to get together for tacos. Avocados cut down the heat, so they naturally go great with hot sauce. The ingredient that does not agree with dogs is the persin. It is in all parts of the avocado, so don’t give them any part. Eating the skin is just as bad as eating the meat or pit. While a little can be okay for them to lick, it is best to just steer clear of it altogether. Another thing to watch out for is if they grow in your garden. Summer is prime time for home gardens. So, watch your pets around avocados if you grow them. Better yet, make sure that you have that area of your garden fenced off to avoid unnecessary trips to the vet.


It is very common in cartoons and commercials to see dogs with bones. While some of them are okay for dogs, some of them are very dangerous. Any bone that splinters when you break it would be the ones to avoid. The reason is, these splinters can become lodged in their throats. Not to the point that they will not be able to breathe, but it will implant like a splinter in your finger. Naturally, the dog’s body will reject that splinter and begin to swell up. This is where there could be a problem breathing. It is best to make sure that you discard all poultry and other splintery bones in a waste bin that locks. This will keep your pet safe from accidentally coming in contact with them.


Yes, I know, bacon is notorious a treat for dogs. However, bacon has a large amount of fat that can cause pancreatitis in your family friend. If you feel the need to give them this treat, know that there are several products on the market that simulate the taste, texture, and look. Opt for this instead. It will make both of you feel like you are giving them a treat. In addition to bacon, make sure that you don’t give your pet any fatty meat scraps. I know several people that think it is ok to cut all the bad parts off the meat and give it to their pet. If you don’t like it, just compost it or throw it away. It is better left out of the food bowl of your pet.


This pretty much goes without saying. However, summer is a time for S’mores. Children are always looking to give some food to dogs. Make sure that they know when it comes to chocolate that it is a no go. They may not understand right away, but eventually, they will. Not even a little lick of this sweet treat is okay. It is extremely toxic and can do serious harm to them.

Conclusion I hope that I have left you enough information on some of the foods that you should avoid giving your dog. I know that he is “man’s best friend” but if you want him or her to be that for a long time then you need to make sure you are not giving them anything from the above list. Sometimes it is hard to make the distinction on what you should give them and what you cannot. Don’t take the dog’s word for it. Just because they will eat it does not mean that they can. If you ever have any doubt on what you can feed your dog, check the internet. If you still are not sure, then just omit it. The dog will not know it is missing anything.