Signs That Your Cat Is In Love With You

Love and Care To All

Signs That Your Cat Is In Love With You

How Our Cats Absolutely Love Us


Cats have their own particular ways of giving humans affection. It is very tempting to listen to those that tell you that your cat loves you only because you offer them food and shelter. As true as it may seem this theory is very much flawed. Your cat loves you unconditionally but you just have to see the signs in order to develop that love as well for them and vice versa. Open your eyes to the signs that they show you on a consistent basis as well.  As per Nadine Gourkow are hundreds of signs that a cat will give you to show their love and affection but here are just a few that will be enough to convince you that your cat is truly in love with you!


Do They Rub Themselves Against You?

Does your cat keep rubbing his head against yours, or against your hands, your legs? This is a very clear indication of their ultimate affection to you. By doing this, it emits pheromones in you as well. It means that you inspire confidence and security to that cat. In other words, they feel secure with you and confide in you, hence the reason they are able to bring themselves to a vulnerable position.


Purring Next To You

This sign is probably already very common to you that cats typically do not purr when they are happy. They sometimes will purr when they are in pain or are greatly annoyed by a situation or circumstance. In the event that they are comfortably seated on your knees as they projecting their purr with their eyes wet with satisfaction and love, you know it, you feel it: that means that they are comfortable next to you and that they love the feeling of being close to you as well.



All animals like to take care of their fellow animals; cats are not exempted from this rule. When they, therefore, lick your face to the point that you feel your skin peeling it simply means that they are utterly and completely in love with you! This method of showing love is all that they know. The same way their mother would have shown them affection by licking them in their infancy Nadine believes that they transmit that love and passion to their human owners. Even though you may find yourself receiving a bath at five in the morning from your cat that chooses to show you that affection at that point and time it is still a good feeling knowing that they love and care for you.


I Am Here And Will Never Leave!

In the event that your cat follows you everywhere around your home, it is a great sign that they appreciate your presence and do not feel comfortable when you are not in their sight. As soon as you change room, chair or bed he makes sure to find a place by your side. Wherever you come home from your daily activities he will welcome you with of joy by meowing. These are clear indications that he loves you and therefore wants to remain in your presence at all times.


Have you also noticed how he or she likes to roll on the ground randomly and aimlessly? This would usually occur when you look at them. They are trying to say, “Have you seen how cute I am?”. They love to be to be praised, complimented and cuddled, as anyone most humans. The fact that they are also on their back and exposing their stomachs to you is another clear indication of their confidence towards you.

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