News Years Resolution For Your Pet!

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News Years Resolution For Your Pet!

This year's new year resolution


January 1st, like every year, is to have the occasion to make new years resolutions intended to change and improve your daily life. And why would not your pet do the same? Do you think that you are the only one that deserves to have a new years resolution? Nadine Gourkow is here to announce to you that your pet is equally as entitled to have a new years resolution for this coming year.


It is very nice to share cuddly moments in bed or on the couch with your favorite animal. Indeed though, your couch begins to seriously get worn out between your cat’s claw attacks and your dog’s bites. Is there a solution? There sure is! Create a comfortable corner for your pet, just with him, with a sweaty basket where he can indulge in his favorite activity: Cuddling. Complete the area with his or her favorite little toys and small soft toys to make them feel completely at home.


It is also important for our animals to stay fit as much as possible. Your companion needs to work hard to stay healthy. Organize sporting moments with your favorite hairball! Go running with your dog on a regular basis and even sign up for races, where they can compete with other hairballs as themselves. Your cat needs to play for a good half an hour or an hour a day to remain sane. Have fun with soft toys, strings or LED pointers that make them jump around and stay active! And we must admit that after the holidays a little sport will do them some good!



Admittedly, it is especially cats who ransack our homes with their feet. It must be said that making their claws is essential for them. They sharpen them and mark their territory in an olfactory and visual way. Of course, the most recommended and often the most effective solution is the scratching post or cat tree. Your four-legged friend can then climb on his or her perch, which they usually love more than anything. In the event that your feline still continues to make their claws on the furniture visible, it must be made clear that this place is not made for that by scolding gently.

Training Your Pet This Year

This year, it’s resolved that my pet will be well trained. An animal needs a frame, rules as well as limits. You must teach them to respect you and obey you. Do not be too authoritarian or too firm, your pet needs clear communication and confidence building. A reward is a good way to show your pet that you are happy with the action that he or she has just taken. It can take different forms such as candy, hugs or words of encouragement. The punishment is most often to be avoided because of stress for your pet. Without letting him do what he wants, you must guide him and accompany him!


And Finally

As for us humans, there is no magic recipe to keep fit, we must combine sporting activity and healthy food! Did you know that nearly 9 million cats and dogs in France are overweight? If yours is one of them, do not hesitate to put it on a diet, lighten its portions and stop the snacks. Also, teach your dog not to beg at the table, and learn to say no to them, even if they give you the puppy eyes. In the long run, it will do them more harm than good by spoiling them …


These are some simple steps to ensure that your pet also gets the benefit of the new years resolution this year!

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