Nadine Gourkow Discusses Reasons to Adopt a Pet

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Nadine Gourkow Discusses Reasons to Adopt a Pet

Adopting a pet with Nadine Gourkow


There is not much Nadine Gourkow loves more than pets. She loves her pets and any type of pet at that. For this reason she has come to us today to talk about pet adoption. Every day, thousands of pets across the country find their way into animal shelters. It can be for a number of reasons, but two of the most common reasons are people cannot handle or keep the pet any longer and animal cruelty cases. We don’t even want to think about the animal cruelty cases, so we are going to skip over that if that is okay with you. As far as people giving up their pets, this can be the best thing for the animal. If they did not, they might find their way into that other one we hate to think about. Now, as for the topic of conversation today, adopting a pet, we are going to give you a few reasons that you should consider the following:


Just as with adopting a human it is very important to consider the best reasons for adoption. Unlike with humans, natural birth is always the reason for adopting a pet. Since we cannot have one of our own, we need to adopt. So, without further ado, we present to you the best reasons you should adopt a pet as soon as possible.

1. Saving a life – While more and more animal shelters are becoming kill-free, there are still shelters that exist that the animal will be “destroyed.” We have a love/hate relationship with that word in regard to terminating the life of a pet. It is the perfect word though. A valuable life is being destroyed by people that don’t care enough. So, if you adopt a pet from one of these facilities, you will actually be saving that animal’s life. Keep in mind most of the animals saved are older and don’t get adopted much.

2. Overpopulation – As we said above, one of the biggest reasons that pets are given up is due to the family being unable to care for the pet. A lot of times people give pets as gifts when the animal is young. Later on, they find out how much work it is to have a pet. They also cost a lot of money, and that is another huge factor. So, people just keep getting pets and breeders keep pumping them out. If we all would take the time to rescue a pet, then we would not need as many breeders.

3. Mass breeding – Speaking of breeders, they often run mass breeding operations. This is where they have hundreds of animals and they keep the females pregnant at all times. This is not good for the health of the mother. It also makes a dangerous environment for all of the animals involved. This is why a lot of animals are taken and the people are charged with animal cruelty.


Nadine Gourkow hopes that this has helped you to make the decision to adopt a pet instead of buying one. You will be saving lives in more ways than one. Animals a precious to us and we hope that you can see their value as a wonderful addition to your family.

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