Nadine Gourkow Urges Everyone To Stop Obsessing Over TV Shows

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Nadine Gourkow Urges Everyone To Stop Obsessing Over TV Shows

Nadine Gourkow and prevention of watching television


We all like to indulge in a little TV time, but some people have made this into a full-blown obsession. Nadine Gourkow would like to remind you there is more to life than what happens on TV. We all have that friend, or maybe even us, that just can’t wait for the next episode of The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, or Keeping Up with The Kardashians. Below are signs that you may be obsessed with a TV show.

  1. Once is never enough – You find yourself watching the same episodes over and over again. This is not to say you cannot enjoy a season re-watching of an episode. Nadine has a few acquaintances that watch Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas episodes from their favourite movie every year. There is nothing really wrong with that. They are getting into the spirit of the season. It is when you watch your show on repeat and never watch anything else that a problem can develop.
  2. I recognize that – When you are in the throws of your everyday life and find many things that remind you of your favourite show, this could mean you have an obsession. Let’s just hope your everyday life does not remind you of Breaking Bad or Dexter.
  3. Friends – No, we are not talking about the TV show, we are talking about making friends. Do you find yourself surrounded by only friends that like the same show(s) as you? This can lead both you and them to even more obsession. It becomes a competition as to who can watch it the most times or who has the most knowledge about the show. While that may sound fun, studies show it can be counterproductive to a healthy life.
  4. Quoting – Do you find yourself using quotes from the show in your daily life? Sometimes it just fits, but if you do it more than you don’t this can be a serious problem.
  5. Schedule – There are some people that schedule their lives around the television. To be fair, this is just not needed anymore. We have so many ways to skip episodes and still catch up before the next this shouldn’t be an issue.

Switching Off

At the end of the day, Gourkow would like to remind you the people in the little black box are not your friends, and that is not your life. Switch off your TV and go make memories with your real-life friends. Get together and play a game, go out dancing, go fishing, or go running. Life should not be spent on your couch, glued to the television. It is important to teach this to your kids as well. So often, parents need a break from life and just plug their kids into the television. This is a bad habit to teach them. Television can be fun, but it should not be the first and last thing you do every day.

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