Living With A Dog

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Living With A Dog

How Nadine Gourkow copes with her pet friends at home

Whether you have just had a puppy at home or have been with this four-legged family member for a long time, living with a dog requires some organization. Whether your companion is a small size or a huge animal, living with this pet requires some (a lot maybe) adjustment to your lifestyle. Your house must accommodate your pet but you do not have to make a revamp your home completely! Nadine Gourkow is here to give you some tips so that the cohabitation process with your dog happens in the best way and as naturally as possible.

The first step would be to put everything away, and out of sight of your furry little friend.

A puppy or even a dog, if you are not present all day with him will look for something to distract throughout your home! Carpets, cables, trinkets are so many distractions for him when you are away. You will quickly pick up on these different habits place measure to change it.  Having a dog for pet is the perfect excuse to keep your home as organized and structured as possible. By saying “put everything away” it does not necessarily have to be packed in a box. These items can be removed from the surface area in order to avoid your pet tipping it over and chewing on these items. This four-legged being that lives with you is able to nibble everything within reach of his truffle out of boredom. Store these items in boxes if your shelves are full. It is necessary at all costs to free space on the ground to avoid unpleasant surprises when returning home. In the same way, you were well equipped cables that had invaded your environment by postponing the fact to hide them to improve the aesthetics of your interior. No more excuses, electric wires are for your dog, a great toy to nibble on. It is therefore time for you to invest in cable glands, trunking, cable ducts. You kill two birds with one stone: firstly, you protect the wires of your electrical equipment from your dog’s canines, and secondly, you have a floor that no longer resembles an accumulation of unsightly cables.

Your put needs consistent companionship
You may be thrilled with your new pair of shoes and you love to go home and put on your cozy slippers. That is good: all the shoes you wear everyday are stored in your entrance, within reach! You will soon learn, after finding your ballerinas or boots nibbled that it is now mandatory for you to store your shoes at all times. Dogs love them, they love to eat as much as to hide them. In both cases, there too, your pet will push you to becoming more organized. For example, we invest in shelves to be mounted in the cupboards, we choose a suitable shoe cabinet, to take advantage of this new organization. In this way, you protect your shoes and you free up space on the ground to restore your input its first use, without it being an unsightly storage space.
Nadine has great tips for you to implement every day when it comes to the behavior of your pet. Take a look at the contact page for more personalized information. 

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