How To Prevent My Dog ​​From Jumping On People

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How To Prevent My Dog ​​From Jumping On People

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Does Your Dog Have A Tendency To Jump On Random People?

As adorable as it may be to some it may be extremely frightening to others.  Sometimes your pet may become overly-excited and lose control by jumping on you to greet you. Although it may please you and seem funny to you, it is important that the behaviour end there as he or she may do it on an older person or a child, and the experience might not be as pleasant for them.


Why Do Dogs Jump When They See Us?

Nadine Gourkow would have had a perfectly justifiable explanation for such behaviours from our furry friends. Let us start by first comparing the brain of a dog to that of a very young child who needs to be educated: he or she must first learn how to take care of themselves in the street while socializing with all kinds of people and animals, and they must also learn to behave in a family setting. If you do not train your pet when it is small, such problems as previously described in this article can occur. In order to know how the behaviour can be eradicated, we must first understand why it is happening. Usually, this type of behaviour occurs in dogs that have been encouraged to have such behaviours since their youth. They were never corrected, nor were they told otherwise, therefore, they feel it is a norm. By allowing the dogs to jump on you, you let them understand that this behaviour is correct, which is why when they grow up the behaviour persists as a normal and correct routine. Dogs can begin to develop this behaviour because they have experienced a change in their life that generates stress and for this reason, they begin to behave in an exciting way by jumping on people, sofas and objects. For dogs that were adopted, they also may feel as though the behaviour is normal as their previous owners never corrected them for behaving that way.


What You Must Know Before You Begin

Firstly you must know that your dog, by nature is a very energetic and playful animal, full of vitality and joy. It is not a human being that you can shape and carve out certain behaviours to your specific taste and preference; they come with their own personality traits and you should not try to change that.  For this reason, you must know that jumping is a dog’s usual and natural behaviour, therefore this type of behaviour should not come as a surprise to you. The way to avoid this behaviour is directed at the time of the incident to educate them right away when they are still a puppy, but if you have not been able (or known) to carry out this process, you will need a lot of patience. An adult dog and even an old dog can learn how to behave provided certain basic rules are applied, these rules are the following (which typically applies to humans as well)

  • Love
  • Patience
  • Perseverance
  • Consistancy
  • Determination
  • Positive attitude Positive
  • Reinforcement

It is possible to educate even an adult dog, Nadine can prove to you that you can definitely do it but it takes time and dedication in order to first understand what to do. As we said before, your pet is not a robot but a beautiful and kind-hearted dog.

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