How to Create a Pet-Friendly Home

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How to Create a Pet-Friendly Home

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Let’s be honest, the hardest part about having a pet is making sure they are safe inside our home. This may not be the easiest of tasks. However, at the end of the day, it is the best thing for all involved parties. You are happy in knowing that your pet is safe even when you are not at home. They are happy because they have a place to live that is safe for them. They may not be able to express it in the same way that we do but I think they do.

Below, I am going to provide you with a helpful guide that will keep your pet safe 24 hours a day. It may not be easy to make all of them happen, but it will be worth it. Take the time to review the list and make the changes to your home. Keep in mind, doing this will keep things safe for all the pets you presently have and any pets you may have in the future.


I know that it is not easy to stay organized in this crazy world we are living in today. There are so many things that we have on our plate in our daily lives. The truth is, if you take the time to do it right the first time, you will not have to go back and fix it later.

Some of the things that you are going to need to organize are loose cables and cords, shoelaces, and anything left out you don’t want a cat or dog to chew on. By doing this, you will not only keep your pet safe from swallowing something that might harm them, but you will also keep your things looking new. The most important thing on this list is the chords or cables. Some of these things have electricity flowing through them. Should you pet bite on it too hard it might give them a nasty shock. Of course, worse things can happen than just a shock if they bite on electrical cords. I am sure you don’t want to even think about it. I know I don’t.

Make a pact with yourself that starting today, you are going to make sure that you keep these things out of harm’s way. When you get a new item, make sure it is safe for your pets right away. Even if you don’t currently have a pet, doing this now will make sure you are ready to have one in the future.


This may seem like it is part of the organization section, but it isn’t. When I talk about clutter, I am referring to the number of things you have on your shelves and tabletops. The more things that you have on these surfaces, the more likely your pet is to knock them down. In addition to being knocked down, they can fall on your pet as well. While a small item may not hurt them too much, think about if you have a large picture frame or a huge vase. While the initial impact may not do too much harm to them, the aftermath just might. Think of the broken pieces on the ground. They may step on them or eat them. This is not something that you want to happen.

If you must have these things, make sure that they are in a place that your pet(s) cannot get to them. It will be much safer for them. Additionally, if they have any value, it is a possibility that they will destroy it. Then you are dealing with a hurt pet and a loss of something valuable. It is just best to not keep these in rooms that pets are allowed.

Hazardous Materials

In addition to all of the above items, you need to make sure that your pets do not have access to the hazardous materials in your house. You may not think of them as hazardous, but bleach, laundry soap, surface cleaner, and other household cleaning supplies may have very dangerous chemicals in them. Your pet will not know the difference between a plastic spray water bottle and one with harmful chemicals in it.

The best thing to do is to imagine your pet is your child. If you wouldn’t want a child to have access to the product, then you shouldn’t allow your pet to have access to the product. It may be funny to think of pets like children, but they both act in a similar fashion. The only difference is, you simply have to put a door between the pet and the product. Whereas, if you are dealing with children you have to make sure that they can’t work the door that the product is behind.


We all love to have a space that is all our own. Well, your pet is the same way. When they come into our space, we need to make sure that it is ready for them. It is really not that much different than having company over. When they are there, you want to make sure that everything is nice for them. The same thing goes for your pet.

Consider making a special area just for your pet. A place where it is safe, but there are not as many rules. For most dogs, this can be the backyard. For cats, you can supply them with a scratching post and toys in an extra room. Additionally, you could get your cats a cat tree. This is a place that they can go and be alone. They like it that way anyhow.


I hope that you have enjoyed this list. It really is better for your pet when they have a safe place to call their own. For now, this is your house. It is up to you to make sure that you provide them with a place that nothing bad will ever happen to them. They are counting on you more than you think. If you have any suggestions on things that I may have missed, or simply want to give me feedback on the list, don’t hesitate to comment.

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