Popular Dog Breeds In The World

Love and Care To All

Popular Dog Breeds In The World

Nadine speaks of the different dog breeds out there that are the closes to our hearts

About Dogs

Dogs are incredibly loyal, loving, and comforting protectors. They are great and lovable furry friends that anyone would want to have with them at all times.  Nadine Gourkow will be giving you information about the most popular dog breeds in the world. we have chosen these dog breeds based on some important factors which include but are not limited to personality, health, and their popularity.


The first dog Nadine will present you with today is the beagles. You may remember them from movies such as Shiloh. You may even be able to recall them from the famous Peanuts comic strip; Snoopy! Regardless, their popularity is outstanding and if taken a good look at, you will see why people love this breed. They are known to be friendly, and adorable, puppy eyes, floppy ears, and the softness in the texture of their skin. All of these are reasons why you want to hold them to you and cuddle them. They are also scent hounds, meaning that they rely mostly on their sense of smell when they go out to hunt with humans.


Portuguese Water Dog

These breeds of dogs were originally bred to herd fish, retrieve broken nets or lost tackle, they also act as couriers from ship to shore. If you’ve got allergies to get one for yourself, Nadine Gourkow thinks these dogs would be perfect for you as they are known to have independent traits, they are smart, easy to train and are loving too.

They also enjoy being petted and unlike security, dogs are friendly with strangers. But you should also note, just like every other big dog out there, been bored can turn them to a destructive monster, so, be careful with them.



Just staring at this dog gives you that ‘aww’ feeling based on their fluffy, white hair, that can easily be used as a teddy bear. It is one of the most ancient dogs of the toy breed, they were reared to be caring and adoring to their owners. They were so famous in the ancient days than that the Greeks erected tombs for the Maltese dogs. To show how important they were to the Greeks, they were referred to as the ‘Comforters’, because they believe they could relieve your pain.


Labrador Retriever

Unarguably one of the most popular breeds in the United States. In the event that you have shared special moments with a Retriever, you would easily agree with this statement. They do have the perfect traits of a good dog and companion; they are friendly, great for families, and incredibly loyal.  They were bred to be working dogs but they do not like playing in the water.


German Shepherds

This list won’t be complete without the German Shepherd. They are however relatively new breeds – that is if you don’t consider 1899 to be a long time. They are amazing animals, courageous, loyal, obedient and eager to learn. Apart from their beauty, they are also one of the smartest dogs in the world.  


Dogs are a wonderful addition to the family, the breeds listed above are highly loyal and affectionate to their humans.

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