Tips On How To Spend Your Holiday Season With Your Pets

Love and Care To All

Tips On How To Spend Your Holiday Season With Your Pets

Being vigilant during the holiday period is key to safety for your pet

We are usually consumed with the latest helicopter for our children, the tea service for granny or perfume for our significant other but we rarely think of our little hairy creatures during the holiday season … Yet, what our dogs and cats want more than anything (and we too in the end), is actually not that complicated: it is simply to stay healthy! Yes, you may not know it, but this period can be very dangerous for them. There are a lot of things to take into consideration and here are some tips recommended by Nadine Gourkow for taking care of your pet when it comes to the holiday period.


Beware Of Plants

Mistletoe, and sometimes wreaths are usually the typical Christmas decor that we would usually install into our homes for the holiday period. It brings the ambiance and fills our hopes with a great atmosphere. These beautiful natural decors are also very dangerous plants for dogs and cats as they are very sensitive to plants whether hybrid or real. They risk nibbling on the plants innocently and get poisoned or intoxicated due to the contents held within these planets! This would then cause them to vomit, have serious diarrhea and more. The best thing to do would be to keep these plants out of reach of our furry loving animals in order to avoid emergency situations.


Move Them Away From The Christmas Tree

Believe it or not, the joy of a cat or a dog in front of a Christmas tree is very similar to that of a young boy or girl. As soon as they get through the door the first thing that comes on the mind of your furry friend is what type of mischief they can cause. Our pets love to play with the balls hanging on the tree or having fun pushing the tree and hearing it drop. But be careful, all these games may not be so innocent. Indeed, on your tree are dangerous decorations for your pet. Take away the glass balls as they can very easily break into a thousand pieces by knocking them down which would then lead to them ingesting or injuring themselves. Garlands are strongly discouraged as well as they may nibble on them which as previously mentioned can lead to stomach issues. Also avoid chocolate decorations, which is a highly toxic food for them. Finally, know that artificial snow is also toxic to them. You just have to wait until the natural snow is invited to the party!


Beware Of Meals

During regular mealtime, you find it difficult to resist the big supplicating eyes that ask you for a small piece of meat, but there, with the pleasure of the holidays, friendliness and sharing, you are even more likely to crack! We must resist, our holiday dishes are usually too fat and too salty, it can be bad for them. Guinea fowl and turkeys are full of bones, to be avoided (obstructions and intestinal perforations are watching them!). Chestnuts are like chocolate, poisonous and can give them diarrhea and vomiting.


The Grand Finale

Last but not least: the grand opening moment of Christmas presents and the New Year’s Eve celebration on December 31st! There too, it is important not to lower your guard or standards. Explosions of joy, paper gifts, party favors, confetti that land on the ground can all be swallowed and thus create a digestive cap.

Nadine is asking that you take full advantage of this holiday season with those you cherish and love; including your animals.

Do stay vigilant: it would be a shame to spend your Eve at the vet!

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