Saying Goodbye To Your Pet During The Holiday Period?

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Saying Goodbye To Your Pet During The Holiday Period?

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Animal health experts such as Nadine Gourkow are slowly discovering that more people are making the tough decision to euthanize their sick animals during the holiday season.

We have come across multiple veterinarians within British Columbia that have over fifteen to twenty-five years of experience in the animal health field. We wanted to get a fair judgment as to what is actually going on and how these animals are being affected on a regular basis.

According to a large percentage of veterinarians at reputable clinics, veterinarians are euthanizing one or two animals on a weekly basis. Throughout the holiday season, this figure for some reason will sometimes reach five on the same day.

Some emergency clinics within the BC region are found euthanizing up to 20 animals a day.

At times people have sick animals that the veterinarians have been trying to help for several months. The term, “I just want him to go to Christmas” is not an uncommon term that is used by lots of animal owners and lovers.

What is believed by most veterinarians as well is that people usually will have an emotional attachment to the holiday season and therefore want to live it one last time with their pet.

There are some veterinarians that will also offer their services at home in order to assist with the euthanasias during the peak months of December and January. The owners would be traveling to a different country and will, therefore, request for their pets to be euthanized in order not to deal with the sick pet upon their return.

Difficulties For The Staff Members

Though a lot of the pet owners simply bring their pets to the veterinary and expect for the workers to take care of the work it is also quite difficult for the staff members as well. You can only imagine having to face killing an animal, a beautiful creature that you actually love.

The veterinary personal, technician or administrator will also eventually need assistance whether it be through medication or counsel, but they need to be helped in order to overcome their hardship as well.

According to statistics and public spokespeople that represent the veterinarians; they are often very much depressed from having to commit that act and suffer from compassion fatigue. They see it as the customers that they receive every day are the animals, and given the fact that they are trained to help the animals it breaks them apart to have to put them to sleep as though nothing could be done to aid the situation.

The pet owners understand that they can very well keep their pets throughout the holiday period but the thought of keeping their pet alive, knowing very well that they are suffering is disheartening to them and they, therefore, make their major decision. Though they are greatly affected emotionally thereafter they are still able to move on with counseling and help, knowing that they did their absolute best for their pet.

Nadine completely understands the difficulties that are faced when it comes to opting for euthanization and thus offers multiple moral and emotional support to pet owners and veterinarians both alike.


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