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Happy Cats are Health Cats!

Yes, cats do have emotions and just like in humans, negative emotions are linked to poor health and undesirable behavior. Nadine has dedicated her career as a research and an animal shelter professional to help cats be happy, health and more adoptable. Millions of cats around the world end up in animal shelters. Many do not make it out because they get sick or show behaviors that adopters do not like. Together, we can reduce sickness, emotional distress and save lives. Contact Dr. Gourkow to learn about the behavioural signs of emotional suffering in cats and the interventions that promote emotional well-being and health while they wait for a loving forever home.

Nadine Gourkow is fully committed to sharing her knowledge and experience with Animal Welfare Organizations. Whether you are a staff member or a volunteer, you can contact Nadine to discuss the implementation of science-based practices. You can ask questions about environmental enrichment, assessment of emotional health, interventions to promote emotional health, strategies to manage URD or effective adoption matching. Nadine can also share ideas on communal housing design, selection of cats for communal living, introduction of cats to communal pens and assessment of social interactions between cats to prevent bullying. You can also contact Nadine if you are a shelter volunteer and want to share ideas for enrichment or need to discuss an intervention for a specific cat.

Gourkow’s main vision is to end the emotional pain of cats in animal shelters and save lives.

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