Love and Care To All

This year's new year resolution

News Years Resolution For Your Pet!

  January 1st, like every year, is to have the occasion to make new years resolutions intended to change and improve your daily life. And why would not your pet do the same? Do you think that you are the only one that deserves to have a new years resolution? Nadine Gourkow is here to…
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How To Care For Your Dog This Winter Season

Caring For Your Dog During The Winter Time

Though the winter time does bring beautiful scenery it, unfortunately, comes with the cold temperature as well. Though we may be able to overcome the cold weather it does bring some issues to our little furry companion. According to Nadine Gourkow, there are some methods of ensuring that they are kept safe and warm during…
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Animals Talking

How Animals Communicate With One Another

“At times all that is truly missing is an actual word or sentence”. This is what is usually communicated by animal specialists such as Nadine Gourkow as they are able to decipher the messages that are given by animals on a day to day basis. Besides words, animals will tend to have their own methods…
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when Your Pet Is Not Feeling Well

How To Know When Your Dog Is Not Feeling Well

In the wild an animal that manifests its pain is a potential prey and easy access for its predators. The dog having inherited this instinct of survival, tries at all cost to show no sign of weakness when feeling severed pain. They have the tendencies to suffer in silence, therefore, it is up to you…
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A veterinarian that is ensuring

Saying Goodbye To Your Pet During The Holiday Period?

Animal health experts such as Nadine Gourkow are slowly discovering that more people are making the tough decision to euthanize their sick animals during the holiday season. We have come across multiple veterinarians within British Columbia that have over fifteen to twenty-five years of experience in the animal health field. We wanted to get a…
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Being vigilant during the holiday period is key to safety for your pet

Tips On How To Spend Your Holiday Season With Your Pets

We are usually consumed with the latest helicopter for our children, the tea service for granny or perfume for our significant other but we rarely think of our little hairy creatures during the holiday season … Yet, what our dogs and cats want more than anything (and we too in the end), is actually not…
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How To Bird Watch In France

Top Six Places To Bird Watch In France

Are you a bird lover? Do you adore watching these birds, symbols of absolute freedom? Do you simply want to observe something other than the usual city pigeons? Here are some exceptional observation locations that you will find throughout France that that is highly recommended by Nadine Gourkow.   The Ornithological Park Of Pont De Gau…
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How an animal can heal a human being

Animals Have The Power To Heal

  Where It All Started According to Nadine Gourkow, amongst all of the different types of therapy that have appeared within recent years, pet therapy is perhaps one of the predominant therapy that relies on one of the oldest and most constant natural marvels; which is the close bond found between the human beings and…
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How Our Cats Absolutely Love Us

Signs That Your Cat Is In Love With You

  Cats have their own particular ways of giving humans affection. It is very tempting to listen to those that tell you that your cat loves you only because you offer them food and shelter. As true as it may seem this theory is very much flawed. Your cat loves you unconditionally but you just have to…
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Nadine speaks of the different dog breeds out there that are the closes to our hearts

Popular Dog Breeds In The World

About Dogs Dogs are incredibly loyal, loving, and comforting protectors. They are great and lovable furry friends that anyone would want to have with them at all times.  Nadine Gourkow will be giving you information about the most popular dog breeds in the world. we have chosen these dog breeds based on some important factors which…
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