Top Six Places To Bird Watch In France

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Top Six Places To Bird Watch In France

How To Bird Watch In France

Are you a bird lover? Do you adore watching these birds, symbols of absolute freedom?

Do you simply want to observe something other than the usual city pigeons?

Here are some exceptional observation locations that you will find throughout France that that is highly recommended by Nadine Gourkow.


The Ornithological Park Of Pont De Gau

This beautiful park was constructed in 1949 and is located within the heart of the Regional Natural Park of Camargue. What most love about this park is its loyalty to the animals as it is committed to the protection of nature. You can see many species of birds throughout the year (herons, passerines, raptors … and even flamingos). In this autumn/winter period, you can attend the sumptuous ballet of migratory birds, they come from the north of Europe to go down to the south. The birds such as the ducks, geese, cranes, raptors etc .. will stay in the Camargue before heading back where they came from in the springtime.

The Ornithological Reserve Of Teich

It is located in the Gironde and was opened to the public in 1972. This gigantic preserved natural area of 110 hectares full of woods, marshes, and lagoons, will allow you to cross the path of a large number of species of birds. You will have the privilege to observe more than 300 different species of birds. Everything has been well thought out so that the observation conditions are optimal. Make sure you get your camera ready for all the spontaneous shots!!


The Marquenterre Park

We go a little further north of the hexagon, towards the Bay of Somme and its magnificent nature reserve Park Marquenterre. There are up to twelve observation posts located within its majestic forests and dunes that will give you the spectacle that you are seeking. Here too, you will find more than 300 species that are available to you: waders, sparrows, raptors, seagulls, terns, and gulls. There are different activities that you can have access to such as guided tours and more.


The Sept-Îles Nature Reserve

This Côtes-d’Armor nature reserve is a total change of scenery when you allow yourself to indulge in its serene atmosphere. You will find sumptuous landscapes of its seven majestic islands and islets (Île aux Moines, Plate Island, Bono, Malban, Rouzic, the Deer and the Costans). If you love seabirds, you will get your fair share of eye candy! You can see pairs of puffins monks (which are the colony of metropolitan France), as well as adorable English puffins!


The Lac Du Der-Chantecoq

Further east, in Champagne-Ardenne, located about thirty kilometers southwest of the town of Saint-Dizier, there is the Lac du Der-Chantecoq, which is also called Lake Reservoir Marne. It is a place that is very famous for the impressive gatherings of cranes: in November, some 200 000 birds cross France stop for a little break before they continue on with their journey. You must come under great expectation!


The Cévennes National Park Biosphere Reserve

Within the beautiful Mount Lozere, the schist mountains of the Cevennes, Causes limestone. In the event that you are into mountain climbing and love the mountainous scene, it is in this reserve Lozère that you must go. Here, the conservationists work to protect the species and the environment, which is why the Cévennes Park Reserve was named “biosphere reserve” by UNESCO in 1985 (there are 13 such reserves within France). Rare species await you: vultures monks and even Egyptian vultures.


When travelling in France you will most certainly not be too far from one of these beautiful locations therefore Nadine would encourage you to go for a walk, whether to observe the beautiful birds that sweep majestically in the air or to simply enjoy the weather.

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