How Animals Communicate With One Another

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How Animals Communicate With One Another

Animals Talking

“At times all that is truly missing is an actual word or sentence”. This is what is usually communicated by animal specialists such as Nadine Gourkow as they are able to decipher the messages that are given by animals on a day to day basis. Besides words, animals will tend to have their own methods of communicating. Through gestures, smells, sounds, each species of animal will have their own rules of communication and they are sometimes very unique! all animals have ways of communicating with one another but we will not focus on all of the animals as it will be too lengthy, but we will focus on the animals with the most extraordinary method of communicating with the other animals in the animal kingdom.


To leave messages to their peers and mark their territory, pandas will typically urinate on places that they consider to be for them; but they do it in a very unusual way. They stand on their front legs, head down, and then they will urinate as high as possible on a tree or on a specific surface. Then, depending on the animal that smells the traces of the scent it will either gather the panda or move them away from one another.



The largest land mammal is also a very adorable animal. During their 50 to 70 years of life, elephants know each other intimately and create very strong bonds that will last a lifetime as they are also very much family oriented and stick together in clans at all times. After being separated for a while, to reaffirm their attachments to each other, when they are finally reunited they will head towards each other with their heads up and their ears bent and put their trunk in their friend’s mouth. It is a way to greet each other and prove their mutual affection to one another.


The Komodo Dragon

The Komodo dragon is generally a very lonely and secluded animal, the only time they spend with other animals of their breed is typically when they are having their meals. They find themselves around the same carcass and they then will find other Komodo dragons to socialize with. It is around the “dining table” that the Komodo dragons will then begin to court the females and copulate happily!


The Dolphin

When a dolphin is in distress or sick, he gives a hissing cry to warn others. Some will even go as far as to interrupt their race in order to offer assistance to their friends that are in despair.  They manage to locate themselves according to the noise emitted and go towards themselves in order to bring it to the surface so that they can breathe.



Peacocks have a habit of walking around the bushes for the most part of the day as they find this activity to be entertaining.  Only, for some unknown reason, the game will always stop very abruptly and each of the animals will take off running in different directions. They give the impression that they are communicating through telepathy, but who knows…


It is very interesting to study the animals and their ways of communicating. It is amazing to see the comparison between their means of communicating and the humans’ method of communication.

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