A Soulful Connection Between Animals And Humans

Love and Care To All

A Soulful Connection Between Animals And Humans

Nadine knows first hand how relationships work between man and human


The Animal-Human Soul Connection

The deep relationship that humans have with animals is unprecedented. Nadine Gourkow can tell you this without a shadow of a doubt, as she is surrounded by horses every day at her horse rescue shelter. In fact, the connection runs so deeply that your pet will mirror their human owner in terms of mind, body, and spirit over the time of the relationship.

Ever heard of your sweet dog who has the same back issue as you? This is not a coincidence. Or what about your cat who gets in fights here and there–ensuring a very social personality, one that sometimes gets into a little too much trouble… much like its owner.

If you’re not into spirituality, then perhaps this blog post is not for you. However, if you are open to the divine nature that brings together animals and humans, then read on.

Animals Feel Human Pain

When delving deeply into the architect of the human/animal spiritual connection, it can be found that animals are trying to teach us the very life lessons that we need to learn. This isn’t too far-fetched, as any spirit junkie will tell you that the basis of your greatest problems is centered around one’s psyche or emotional being.

As humans, if we are ever feeling the sense of disassociation or a loss of belonging, or are enduring some other emotional or even physical pain, your pet animals will showcase those emotions back to you by either acting out in distress or trying to comfort you. This is because they know what is beyond the surface of your human framework–they can see your inner-most thoughts, fears, and qualms.

Nadine remembers the time she feels unconscious on her farm from a heat stroke during an unprecedented heat wave in Whitby, and she woke up to see her favorite horse named Flamingo laying near her, seemingly upset and worried for his beloved owner. A few other sweet horses in her rescue center ran free to get help from the nearest human in sight. These horses felt the physical pain that Nadine was going through, and actively did something to help her. That soulful connection that animals have to humans (and vice versa!) penetrates deep love and friendship. In the end, Nadine got help from a nearby ranger and was brought to the hospital, where she gained consciousness and stayed out of the sun for a week until the heat wave passed.

Your Pets Choose You

More often than not, and which pet will choose its owner. According to some spiritual leaders, it is said that the soul evolution takes animals into a practice where they will eventually become human. Our pets who are almost ready to become human in their next lifetime are more of the sociable type, connecting with as many humans as possible. These are the cats who practically resemble a loveable dog–something that is often out of character for a species who likes to run and hide in the smallest corners of a room. They instead will shower anyone who comes through the front door with endless love.

It’s no coincidence that you’ve gained a life-long friendship with your pet. You came into each other’s life for a reason, and you should forever appreciate the love, inspiration, and comfort that you bring to one another.

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