About Dr. Nadine Gourkow

Love and Care To All


Nadine Gourkow is very passionate and a great lover of animals. She started her career with animals at the age of 18. Her first job in a dog kennel ignited her passion for further education.  She studied dog training in France and in England. She has trained dogs for security, for animal-assisted therapy and for companionship. Nadine continued her lifelong quest for better understanding of animal emotions. She holds a Bachelors in Education and Psychology, a Masters in Animal Welfare Science and a PhD in Veterinary Science.  Nadine’s passion and scientific interest in the emotions of animals and in the human-animal bond has taken her around the globe to share knowledge and to improve the life of animals. Nadine has developed user-friendly science-based tools to measure emotions and easy to apply interventions to help people help cats through their emotional trauma. She has rehabilitated hundreds of dogs and cats traumatized by neglect and abuse or that have been used in the illegal dogfighting trade.

Nadine understands that the loving nature of companion animals can heal people but to ensure the wellbeing of animal therapist education is needed. Nadine has implemented cat and dog programs in prisons to help convicts learn about animal care while gaining emotional support from the animals in their care. Nadine also developed and taught a course for Administrators of Eden Alternative Health Care Facilities. Eden Alternative philosophy aims to eliminate loneliness, helplessness, and boredom of elderly people living in institutional settings by providing loving companionship from animals.

Nadine Gourkow is a vegan with a passion for plant medicine. She is a lifelong student of Veterinary Herbal Medicine. With the generous donations from her supporters, Nadine has opened a small herbal research centre where medicinal plants are grown organically and prepared into formulas to specifically affect emotional and behavioural problems in dogs and cats. In her position as Research Fellow at the University of West Indies, Nadine is also conducting research on the effectiveness and safety of transdermal cannabinoid medicine. Her research aims to find formulations that could alleviate pain in senior pets suffering from arthritis and to reduce anxiety, fear and PTTD in companion animals.

Nadine is an environmentalist and activist for the One Health Initiative. This movement aims to forge co-equal, all-inclusive collaborations between physicians, osteopathic physicians, veterinarians, dentists, nurses and other scientific-health and environmentally related disciplines, More than 900 prominent scientists, physicians and veterinarians worldwide have endorsed the initiative.

Nadine’s mission is to contribute to a humane and just world for animals and to promote strong and loving bonds between companion animals and their human friends. To expand her vision and reach a wider community of people caring for animals, Nadine has launched CatTalk.ca This growing website aims to stimulate a conversation among animal shelter professionals, volunteers and medical staff to ensure that traumatized animals can be healed.


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