Beautiful Exotic Birds That You Can Have At Home

Love and Care To All

Beautiful Exotic Birds That You Can Have At Home

Exotic birds at home


Do you have a profound love for animals? Would you like to bring some exoticism to your home? There are plenty of birds with their shimmering colors will give you the delight that you are looking for! Are you ready for adoption? You must first know that each species has its own personality and requires a certain degree of attention. Here Nadine Gourkow will tell you all about some beautiful species that fly in our skies!

Diamond Mandarin

Despite the name given to it, this diamond of nature does not come from China, but instead from Australia. The mandarin diamond can have various colors but it will always have an adorable little red-orange beak in adulthood. It is strongly recommended as first acquisition if you have never owned a bird before as they are very easy to live with and are very quiet birds. they also are very adaptable birds thus can adapt to most temperatures, so you can keep it both indoors and outdoors, obviously protecting its cage from the weather if you opt for the second option. On the other hand, it is a very sociable bird, therefore, it is not advisable to only have one in the cage as they may end up feeling bored and lonesome.



It is the most famous exotic and domestic bird! The yellow canary is certainly the most widespread (its solar color can also put you in a good mood, especially when the days are very grey). There are also canaries that come in very different colors such as white, orange, blue, green etc. In addition to its beautiful coat, it must be noted that the canary sings divinely well.



Coming from South Africa, these parrots with sumptuous tricolor plumage are certainly the most romantic birds … Indeed, you are not unaware that couples of this species spend their entire lives together. In addition to being beautiful to watch, they also have a great sense of humor. They love to fly, move, shake and especially smooch! In the event that you see them stand on one leg, do not worry, it just means that they feel safe. Their food varies: in addition to seeds, they enjoy fruits and vegetables.


Nymph Parakeet

Are you a fan of punk and punk rock culture? In the event that you are the Nymph Parakeet is definitely for you! They are also called elegant Cockatiel, as they have a funny gray crest on the top of the head. Do not, however, be fooled by their misleading name as they are not Parakeets but cockatoos, and are thus of the same family as parrots. They come straight from Australia and are very sociable! The elegant Cockatiel does require a lot of attention and care. When you have managed to create a relationship of trust, you will see that it is well worth it. Finally, it is very important to note that if you like peace and tranquility, you should avoid the Nymph Parakeet as much as possible as they are very noisy birds. In addition to seeds, fruits, and vegetables, they also appreciate starchy foods.


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