Dr. Nadine Gourkow Cares For Her Animals

Dr. Nadine Gourkow cares about the emotional health of your animals
Whether living in a home, or an animal shelter, Dr. Nadine Gourkow can help animals feel good.

Animal Shelter Consultations

Dr. Nadine Gourkow has spent over 10 years as Behaviour and Welfare Manager at the BC SPCA. She has provided consultations to animal shelters in the UK, Australia, Canada and Israel.

Nadine Gourkow is now offering SKYPE consultations for animal shelters around the globe. Nadine will review your current animal care protocols, do a shelter walkthrough by skype or facetime. Based on this evaluation, Nadine enhance your current protocols and shelter programs. Implementation will start with online workshops with your staff and volunteers to help them modify their day to day care.
Nadine will then be available for troubleshooting any implementation issue that might come up. 

Consultations For Cats In Animal Shelters

Did you know that cats in animal shelters can suffer from anxiety, fear, frustration and depression? These emotional states weaken their immune system and cause behaviours that are not appealing to adopters. Wherever you are in the world, Nadine Gourkow can provide you with one-on-one consultation about individual cats in your shelter.

Once provided with a short video and history of the cat, Nadine will prepare an individualized intervention plan to ensure your shelter kitty gets back on his paws and finds his forever home quickly. So, send me a video or let’s have a chat on Skype or facetime and start improving the well being of each cat in your shelter.

Emotional Health Counselling For
Dogs and Cats

Negative emotions can affect behaviour, health and learning. Are your companion animals behaving badly? Undesirable behaviour can be a symptom of anxiety, frustration, fear, boredom. Your relationship with your feline and canine friend should be joyful, stress free, and fulfilling for them and for every member of your family. Stress free and happy animals are easier to train and so much more pleasant to live with. They get along better with people and other animals.

If you are in the process of choosing a companion animal, Nadine can help you choose the right dog or cat for your family and lifestyle. She will help you introduce your new cat to your resident cat or dog to ensure they become lifelong friends. Book a consultation with Nadine to begin your journey towards better mental health for your 4-legged friends.

Being A True Care Giver

Nadine Gourkow the Doctor

Researcher Dr. Nadine Gourkow is a researcher, educator and activist on behalf of companion animals. Over the last twelve years, Nadine has developed and implemented science-based animal management practices to help shelter staff provide good mental health and reduce disease and increase adoptability. She holds a Masters in Animal Welfare Science from the University of British Columbia and a PhD in Veterinary Science from the University of Queensland. She is currently working on a postgrad diploma in veterinary herbal medicine to further her interest in treating emotional and behavioural imbalances in shelter animals.

Research Findings Nadine’s most recent research examined the effect of behavioural interventions on emotions, mucosal immunity and health in shelter cats. Her findings are the basis for the development of evidence-based shelter practices to improve emotional well-being and reduce prevalence of upper respiratory disease in shelter cats. Nadine is a shelter welfare consultant specializing in the assessment and enhancement of shelter operations to ensure mental well-being of shelter animals. She has won an international award for a video “The Emotional Life of Cats” and cat management program “CatSense”. This educational material is the first to help shelter staff recognize the emotional states of cats in animal shelters to ensure good mental health, low disease rates and increase adoptability. To help cats more directly, Nadine has developed the Hide Perch & Go Box™. This simple welfare tool now makes the shelter stay more tolerable for thousands of cats in animal shelters in Europe, North America and Australia. Nadine’s work has been featured by the Humane Society of the United States, The Latham Foundation, the International Society of Anthrozoology, The Sir James Dunn Welfare Centre, The Ontario SPCA, the Canadian Federation of Humane Societies and the Morris Animal Foundation.

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What Nadine Specializes In

Nadine Gourkow specializes in emotional health of animals. She has dedicated her life to studying and promoting the care of animals that ensures positive emotional states and strong human-animal bond. Nadine has first hand experience in dealing with stressed or traumatized animals.


Our veterinarians are endowed with extensive skills, knowledge as well as expertise within the field. They have experience not only from owning and caring for a pet at home but they we ensure that they have been in the trade for may years


The requirement for to be able to practice as a veterinarian is usually a Masters or PHD therefore our specialists are very knowledgeable in the trade and have a lot to offer their clients.


Though our specialist are already full of great experiences and understanding for the field we still ensure that they go through many days of on the job training where they gain more experience geared to our shelter specifically.


The reason for great communication skils is that our veterinarian would need to stay in contact with you at all times and the need to express yourself clearly and concisely is very important for the pet owner to ensure peace of mind.

The Love For Animals

There are so many different reasons as to why an individual would love animals. Sometimes it has to do with the mere fact they are cute and cuddly creatures that you would enjoy cuddling with on your spare time. Some just love the joy and comfort that that animals bring to their individual lives. We are social creature, seeking the presence and exitance of another being to keep us occupied, some find that pleasure in caring for animals.

Client Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

I was truly blown away by the great love and dedication shown forth by the specialists at this animal shelter. They were very knowleadgeable about animals and gave me tips and tricks as to better help my pet poodle. They also demonstrated  alot of patience 

Sarah Leeham

When my Abyssinian cat cam into the shelter a month ago, I though that would be the end of it as she was in very bad shape. Not only did the staff reasure me that all would be well but she explained how the illness and occured and how to avoid it. 

Lili Bernard

Thank you so much Nadine Gourkow for saving the life of my pet turtle! I was devastated when I came to its acquarium and noticed that it was not moving! You reassured me and told me that all will be well Thank you for your expertise. 

Peter Shin

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